Wondering how you can help? CDQAP, NMPF & USDA all have resources.

May is national Mental Health Awareness month and between flooding, activists, milk prices and passing of friends, there is no shortage of stress for California farmers.

CDQAP – CDQAP has several resources. A recording of a CDQAP webinar with Colorado State’s Dr. Bob Fetsch covers the basics of starting a discussion when we are concerned about family or friends. A short, two-page checklist highlights what to look for and how to start making referrals. CDQAP, in collaboration with UCD/s ANR, compiled a county-by-county list of mental health emergency contacts.

National Milk Producers Federation – On the national scene, NMPF has updated its website with additional resources related to mental health. Included in the updated webpage are a series of articles on the management of farm and ranch stress

USDA – USDA’s Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will be hosting a series of webinars addressing rural mental health awareness. The series of five, 1 ½ hour Tuesday workshops all begin at 11 pacific time starting on May 9 and ending June 6. The workshops convene farmers and ranchers, technical assistance providers, local leaders, and Federal, state, and university partners to dialogue and discuss mental health challenges, and stressors, and the resources and services available to address them.

The two workshops potentially of greatest interest to dairy producers include:

Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 11 am PT

 Farm Stress and Suicide Prevention: Data, Challenges, and Opportunities
Co-hosted by the American Farm Bureau Federation, this session provides context for the issue of farm stress and suicide by focusing on available data, challenges, and opportunities for farm stress researchers, practitioners, and service providers. Panelists include the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, the American Farm Bureau Federation, Farm Aid, and others to discuss the state of the field and offer insights into their respective partner programs, resources, and emergent needs.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 11 am PT

Farm Stress and Suicide: Faith, Place, and Community Health
This session provides an overview of the USDA Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and highlights the challenges faced by many Americans during Mental Health Awareness Month. A training on farm stress, health and wellbeing will be provided by The Well Church Initiative of Texas A&M Extension, to discuss and highlight tools and resources available to faith and community-based organizations as they support their congregants and communities.