Dr. Deanne Meyer is this year’s recipient of the Eric Bradford & Charlie Rominger Agricultural Sustainability Leadership Award.

She is being honored for her leadership in substantially improving the sustainability of California’s dairy industry throughher research and outreach. A fixture in the state’s dairy community, Deanne has directed CDQAP’s environmental training and outreach programs for more than 20 years.

Beyond her work with CDQAP, her research in manure characteristics and management has paved the way for science-based water and air policy. The award comes on the heels of another recognition from the North Coast Regional Water Board, for her work advancing the science and practice of pasture-based dairy operations. “She has a stronger work ethic and a greater passion for helping producers than any academic I’ve ever known,” said Dr. Michael Payne, CDQAP’s Director. “We’re lucky to have her as part of the CDQAP partnership.”