by J.P. Cativiela, Administrator, Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program

It’s been a long five months since June. As a reminder, some 720 Central Valley dairies in Priority 1 groundwater basins received a certified letter from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board informing them of the need to comply with the Board’s new Nitrate Control Program. For dairies who received the letter, it signals the need to join your local Nitrate Management Zone.

For dairies who are members of the Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program (CVDRMP), there is good news: Members who need to join Local Management Zones will be automatically enrolled through CVDRMP. This will result in increases in member fees in 2021; to learn more visit, or read your CVDRMP member newsletter carefully when it arrives in January. Even though CVDRMP member dairies will be automatically enrolled in their Management Zones, you may still want to learn more about your local Management Zone and participate in public meetings and review information about how yours will work. You can learn more and find contact information about your local Nitrate Management Zones here.

The Regional Board also has adopted a new Salt Control Program and will be sending certified letters (Notices to Comply) to ALL Central Valley dairies in early January. Again, the news is good for CVDRMP members – they will be automatically enrolled in the program through CVDRMP. Information about this will also be mailed to dairies in January by CVDRMP, and dairies can learn more about the program.