Food Safety & Farm Security

Biosecurity and the safety of our food supply are important to the continued survival of the dairy industry as a whole and in particular, California. Losses through crime, exposure to disease, intentional or accidental adulteration of product, and property damage are real threats dairy producers must prepare for.

As the leading dairy producing state in the country, California accounted for over 18 percent of the nation’s milk supply in 2017.

Dairy Inspection

According to the latest CDFA annual Agricultural Resources Report, California ranked number one in the U.S. in the production of fluid milk, butter, Mozzarella, Hispanic cheeses, dry buttermilk, and nonfat dry milk.

The top five milk-producing counties in California, accounting for over 72 percent of the state’s total milk production, were Tulare (27.4 percent), Merced (15.4 percent), Kings (10.4 percent), Stanislaus (9.9 percent), and Kern (9.4 percent).

The production of these five counties accounted for over 13.4 percent of U.S. total milk production in 2017.

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Protect your bottom line – and our nation’s food security

California dairy operators face a wide variety of security threats, from theft and criminal trespassing, accidental introduction of diseases, illegal dumping, and even sabotage by domestic terrorist groups or disgruntled employees.

In 2018 the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) sent out a survey regarding theft and farm security threats to California dairy producers.

Of responding dairymen, 50 percent reported having experienced rural crime of some sort, with 35 percent experiencing theft, four cases of trespass, and one case each of activist activity, drone over-flights, and armed robbery.

Producers prioritized areas in which they wanted additional information and support: general farm security practices, hiring practices, and information regarding responding to and reporting criminal events.


CDQAP can help

Changes in the way producers manage their dairies can make a real difference in their risk of exposure to damage, disease, and criminal losses.

Many of the steps that will protect a dairy from common criminals can also stave off potentially far more serious threats from terrorists.

CDQAP works with state and federal authorities and academic institutions to continually compile the latest information on food and farm security-related matters.

We also work with producer associations to develop practical tools and tips for addressing threats.

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