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By Dr. Michael Payne, UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine; Director, CDQAP

With equipment theft, activist trespass and even recent armed robbery of employees in the news, there is no shortage of dairy security issues to worry about. To arm producers with the best preventative information, the Zenith Insurance Company and CDQAP are teaming up on June 8th with local, state and federal law enforcement experts to offer a free webinar Dairy Security and Crime Prevention.

All producers are welcome to attend any/all of The Zenith Agribusiness Solutions webinars. June 8th Dairy Security and Crime Prevention Webinar Presenters include:

• Sargent Joe England from the Tulare County Sheriff Office will brief the audience on recent incidents of armed robberies of dairy employees and recommendations for what to do before, during and after such a robbery.

• David Gosvener, investigator for the Tulare County District Attorney, will provide advice on how to prevent farm theft and increase the likelihood property will be returned when it is stolen.

• Dr. Michael Payne with CDQAP will describe recent activities and tactics being used by activists in California and resources to address these sorts of criminal trespass.

• Jesse Rangle, from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, will discuss the critical importance of producers both reporting crimes and suspicious activities as well as empowering employees as part of the farm’s security team.

• Thomas Waltz From the Central California Intelligence “Fusion Center” will describe some of the local, state and federal security resources available to the ag community. This dairy security webinar is free by going to the registration page. This presentation is part of Zenith Insurance Company’s Dairy Industry webinar series.