2024 World Ag Expo Seminars in February

2024 World Ag Expo Seminars: Dairy Sustainability - Tuesday, February 13, 1:00 - 1:55 PM UC Cooperative Extension will provide research updates from projects related to sustainability topics on California dairies, including Dairy Plus program updates,...

Is the Dairy Plus Program for Me?

By Deanne Meyer, Ph.D. Livestock Waste Management Specialist, Department of Animal Science, UC Davis and UC ANR The Dairy Plus Program is part of Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities grant from USDA. A total of 15 projects ($17.97M) from the first solicitation...

Help CDRF and UCD Measure Dairy’s Sustainability Efforts

Take the Survey! To demonstrate to consumers that the dairy industry’s sustainability efforts are working, we need a baseline. That’s why the California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF) is funding UC Cooperative Extension to collect benchmark data. The short survey...

Composting Research Begins This Year

CDFA funds CDRF research to pave the way for emergency carcass composting. By Dr. Michael Payne, UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine and Director, CDQAP Every producer who has experienced a rendering service disruption has shared the same frustration. When the...

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program

The California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP) is a collaborative partnership between the dairy industry, academia, government agencies and others to promote the health of consumers, the health of the environment, and the health and welfare of dairy animals. The program is funded by the California Dairy Research Foundation.

The CDQAP provides educational workshops and assistance focusing on the components of public health (farm security and food safety), animal care and environmental stewardship. The program also provides third-party certification in Environmental Stewardship through its on-farm evaluation and certification program.

Environmental Stewardship

Animal Care

Food Safety and Farm Security

Resource Binders

Reference materials at your fingertips!

The CDQAP Reference Binders series offers detailed reference materials including updates and timelines to support California dairy Farmers achieve and maintain current regulatory compliance. Binders contain region-specific materials, additional resources, and example and usable forms to continue to support our farmers in real time. Select your Binder below.


Air Quality Curriculum I & II Reference Binder


Central Valley Water Quality-WDR Reference Binder


Animal Care: F.A.R.M. Program Reference Binder


North Coast RB1 Water Quality Reference Binder


San Francisco Bay RB2 Water Quality Reference Binder

CDQAP Online Courses, Tools, Webinars, and Workshops

CDQAP ONLINE COURSES, TOOLS, Webinars and Workshops: California dairy producers can access CDQAP online materials by contacting us at cdqapclasses@cdrf.org or by using the form below.

Our online courses, tools, webinars and workshops focus on Environmental Stewardship, Animal Care, and Food Safety & Farm Security.

The CDQAP and California dairy producers have had a positive impact.

Dairy producers who have attended CDQAP educational programs better understand regulatory requirements, industry best management practices, and scientifically-sound options for protecting air and water quality as well as implementing best animal care practices and farm security and food safety planning. CDQAP certified dairies perform better in regulatory inspections.

With nearly 800 California dairies certified as leaders in environmental stewardship, consumers are assured that their dairy products come from farms that diligently work to reduce their environmental impact, demonstrate the best animal care practices and provide healthy, safe, nutrient-­dense dairy products for their families.